Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Demon Sex

As if in answer to my criticism yesterday of Death From Beyond openly mocking us by promising tons of nudity and not delivering any, here comes Demon Sex hot on its heels that gives us pretty much nonstop nudity throughout the entire film. Of course, this gift is a bit lessened when the very first person to get naked in it is Brinke Stevens, but I suppose I should make do.

For those who don’t know who Brinke is, she shows up in a lot of these horror porns, and I had previously seen her in Delta Delta Die! She’s popular largely due to her eagerness to completely ham it up, and her willingness to spend half her screen time naked. This would be a good thing if she were a bit younger, but as she’s over fifty years old, this is a bit of a hindrance. Still, most of the other girls in the film are much more attractive, and they pretty much all spend the whole film naked or on their way there.

But onwards and upwards to the film itself. The film opens very boringly, with a woman giving us a voice over about the alien history of the planet, and how a super advanced race evolved from here and eventually spread out over the neighboring star systems, but while still here they evolved early humans to provide some easy slave labor, but since we were too aggressive they gave up on us and created a second race called the Greys, or Demons (complete with picture showing them to be stereotypical X-Files style aliens), who were much more passive and helpful. Unfortunately, after their alien masters left for other worlds, the humans wiped out all the Greys because we’re so aggressive and Man is the true villain!!! Now it’s present day, and a cult of women (led by Brinke) has acquired the skull of a Grey and wants to extract the DNA from it so they can repopulate the world with Greys. If all of that sounded interesting to you, kill yourself.

Of course, even the filmmakers realized that this was a dumb plot, so after the first ten minutes or so, they start throwing naked women at us, and don’t stop until it’s time to give birth to the Grey baby at the very end of the film. So I guess the film really should be judged on how attractive the women are and how hot the sex scenes are. They’re mostly pretty average, verging on grotesque when Brinke strips down, but I do have to admit, seeing a naked girl on top of a guy that’s slapping her in the face so hard that she’s dripping blood down her chest and onto him while she’s choking him until he’s unconscious before she rides his limp form to orgasm is EXACTLY what I want out of my pornography. That and seeing a heavily pregnant chick stripped nude, that was hot. Definitely one of the better entrants in the collection thus far.

Rating: **

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