Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Announcement

So my faithful readers may have noticed that there has been a slight drop-off in productivity here lately. Well, starting next month this problem shall be rectified, as I shall be debuting my new project, "100 Rare and Obscure Horror Films You Should See Before You Die". Whether your impending death happens to be caused by a tremendous overload of fear from watching so many horror movies is up to you and your various heart conditions; Gorginfoogle's Movie Guide accepts no liability for any such doom.

Some conditions do apply. While I have already reviewed several delightful lesser-known horror movies, I am disqualifying any film I have already reviewed here, so as to avoid any problems of redundancy. As such, films like Begotten and Lemora, both of which you still owe it to yourselves to check out, shall not be included. Additionally, while I will still be including the damnable star ratings in these reviews, the films themselves shall be sorted alphabetically, to avoid any questions as to what order I prefer them in. Learn to make your own decisions for a change, you jackals! Finally, this shall most likely be done as two reviews per week, which means I will be finishing up around this time next year. I may miss a week if I happen to go on vacation or become hospitalized or something; after all, who knows what the future may bring? I hope to see you all for the duration, and if you've got a suggestion for an obscure horror movie before January 1st, feel free to nominate it.