Monday, October 1, 2007

Night of the Demons 3

I should probably get this right out of the way from the start: this is not as good of a movie as the second film is. We can evidently have one superior sequel, but this one brings the quality level back down to below that of the first movie, which I’m not particularly fond of. It’s a damn shame is what it is, though this film does have a few good things going for it all the same.

The first, and most obvious, thing to praise about the film is the nice level of casual nudity pervading the whole effort. After the opening throwaway death and credits are done with, we’re immediately whisked off to two of the female stars, who proceed to get naked, look in the mirror, and discuss each other’s bodies, something I’m sure every one of my female readers has done with her lady friends on any numbers of occasions. It’s a good thing that the film throws such a good amount of nudity at us, as the main part of the film is a bit of a chore. After a panicked shootout at a liquor store (during which, naturally, the brother is the only one to get shot), a gang of obnoxious assholes (and the two women from earlier, who the assholes had picked up right before trying to buy booze) decides to hide from the cops in Hull House. Now, here’s one thing that bugs me about the cast we have dumped on us in this movie. They are all familiar with the legend of Hull House, and even if they weren’t the supposedly less hot of the original two females panics as they’re entering the grounds and tells the rest all about it to try to convince them all to turn back. Despite this, however, when Angela shows up and casually mentions that she lives there, everyone just automatically trusts her, and has no problem whatsoever with wandering off alone with her. Including the panicked girl from before. These people are a piece of work. About the only even vaguely interesting person, aside from Angela of course, is a cop that’s ominously on his last day of the job, and is hoping to bring the kids in safely so that the less forgiving cops on the force don’t try to gun them all down for the mess at the liquor store. Even he’s not all that interesting, but at least he’s not an annoying twit like the others that he’s foolishly putting his life on the line to protect. Seriously now, it’s like a group of teens deciding to party at Camp Crystal Lake in Jason XI, and figuring the quiet guy they find there in the hockey mask is a pretty okay dude to try to hang with. Completely rubbish.

There are some good death scenes, yes, as these things always have, and that combined with all the nudity on display makes the film watchable, if nothing else. Still, it’s really not worth your time, unless you happen to already be fond of the first two (and really, who wouldn’t be fond of at least the second one?) and want to be a total completist about it. I can certainly understand the appeal in that, considering that’s why I bought this, but don’t be expecting anything actually good.

Rating: * ½

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