Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Killing Spree

I first heard of this movie by way of a review trashing it on Something Awful years ago, but in the many years since then had forgotten everything about the film had I read beyond that the lead actor’s name was Asbestos Felt. So when the DVD recently came out, I figured I’d give it a whirl, and found myself quite moderately entertained by some fine 80s cheese.

The film stars Asbestos Felt as a newlywed who stumbles across his wife’s diary and reads a lurid account of how she slept with his best friend while he was away at work. Filled with a berserker rage at the news, he does what any man would do in such a situation, and murders his best friend and his friend’s new girlfriend. Sadly, this doesn’t mark the end of his problems, as the next day she has a new diary entry about sleeping with the electrician. So it goes, as he tears through the town murdering every man his wife sleeps with, only to find out a bit late in the game that she was merely writing fictional sex stories to sell as a romance novel and help with their money troubles. Sadly, by the time he’s learned this helpful bit of info, all the people he’s killed have randomly come back to life and are looking for revenge against him and his girl.

So yeah, that’s pretty much the whole movie. It doesn’t sound like all that much, and it isn’t, but buried within its cheap, no-budget exterior there are some true gems hidden. The murder scenes, while obviously done on the cheap, have a real bit of imagination and charm to them, and the squabbling of the zombies over who should be the one that actually gets to kill Felt is quite amusing. Of course, the real joy of the movie is Asbestos Felt himself, who looks so creepy with his out of control facial hair, and whose every moment is as over the top as it can possibly be. At one point his wife comes home to find him scrubbing the carpets in an effort to remove the evidence of a recent homicide. Naturally, he does this wearing nothing but a pair of black bikini briefs with text that I didn’t want to read on his ass and package. When she understandably asks him why he needed to shampoo the carpet and not just vacuum it, he tells her that “it was a real mess…more than you’ll ever know.” He follows this up with an insane giggle. Nothing suspicious about that at all.

This really isn’t that essential of a film, nor is it particularly good. However, it was pretty enjoyable while I was watching it, and I’m certainly not annoyed that I paid money to see it like I was with Little Erin Merryweather. If you like cheesy 80s horror movies, and you know who you are, then you will like this one. Just don’t go into it expecting brilliance, and you should be fine.

Rating: **

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