Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Redneck County Fever

I do have to say that, in this film’s favor, at least it was somewhat short, clocking in at “only” an hour, and didn’t try to force itself to ponderously chug along to the 90 minute mark so it could call itself a feature film. Sadly, that’s the best praise I can find for this movie, as otherwise it’s a total dog.

The film’s origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery. It has no IMDB page to rely upon; the Tomb of Terrors set says it was made in 2001, but why on earth would a movie made in 2001 feature one main character that spends the whole movie doing a lame Spicoli impression, and another main character that goes around dressing like an 80s hip-hop star? Further, the film looks fuzzy and indistinct, which could just mean they used a shitty digital cam, or it could mean that it was transferred off of an old VHS tape. Of course, it doesn’t matter too much either way, as the film sucks.

You may have noticed that, outside of “garbage”, I didn’t give this film any kind of genre tag. There’s a reason for that, as the film just kind of meanders along without any real point to its existence, and doesn’t really stray far enough into any genre to qualify. Here’s the plot in a nutshell: the two are driving in the south, their car breaks down, they have no money to fix it, a guy offers them money if they deliver a package for him, they run afoul of the law and run into the woods, a cannibal tries to hunt them, they escape, they run into a faith mechanic, they run into a female mechanic, they talk to a cop, there’s a quick shootout, the end (complete with “THE END” in big block letters against a black background, in case we didn’t get the hint).

None of these little vignettes are at all fleshed out, and none go on more than five or ten minutes. I guess it’s more like a road trip movie than anything else, just for the fact that the entire film is them bouncing around an unknown landscape running into people and then ditching them so that they can run into other people, but that’s probably more attributable to bad writing than any specific design. Again, this is a film that was just done by a group of friends that had a few weekends off, created to amuse them and let them show their friends that they had been in a movie, with no entertainment value whatsoever for anyone that’s not personally acquainted with one of the cast or crew. There’s two more movie to go and I’ll have made it halfway through the Tomb of Terrors collection, I can only hope that at least one of them can justify itself a bit better.

Rating: Zero stars

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