Monday, December 24, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

Well, a great many years in coming, we finally have the Simpsons movie, freshly out on DVD. I missed this back in the theater, as I do most movies because I’m a reclusive shut-in, but having finally seen it in the comfort of my own cavern, I have to say it’s not bad. That’s not to say that it’s as good as it could have, or frankly should have, been though.

The film’s plot, as is the case with about half the episodes of the series, revolves around Homer doing something stupid and reckless, and the fallout that comes from it. In this particular instance, he causes an ecological catastrophe in Springfield Lake, causing the EPA and President Schwarzenegger to seal the town off from the rest of the country. It thankfully doesn’t devolve into preachiness like it easily could have, instead wisely choosing to focus in on showing a No Man’s Land Springfield falling to pieces, and a Simpsons family on the run from the government.

The problem here isn’t with the plot, really, it’s with the overall quality. Had this film been made in 1997, when they first began discussing making it, it probably would have been a great movie. Back then the show was at the height of its powers, and every other episode was an unqualified classic. However, over the years, it just got watered down to the point where a once-great show has become a pretty good show with occasional flashes of greatness. That’s basically what the movie provides. It’s a pleasant enough way to spend an hour and a half, and there’s several moments of brilliance, enough that at points you almost start to think that the film itself is going to fully turn brilliant, but no. It’s back to Decentville before much longer. It’s almost frustrating, really.

Still, it does function as a perfectly good film upgrade of the show, and you aren’t likely to be disappointed when watching it. It just won’t floor you like you wish it would, like the show itself used to. It is definitely worth watching at least once, though, unlike a lot of the more recent episodes.

Really though, a Titanic reference in 2007? Honestly.

Rating: ***

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