Monday, August 20, 2007


For those that already know me, hi, this is my attempt to do a semi-daily/at least occasional half-assed review site for some of the movies I see, since I do tend to watch and purchase way too many of them. For those that don't know me, I'm Zach Savage, and am an infrequent staff writer for, which is a delightful pop culture review site that hasn't been updated in half a year because we're all waiting on a redesign that seems increasingly unlikely to ever arrive. The reviews here are mainly going to be of horror movies, because, well, I'm a sad addict (that's also why I went with a white text on black background design, because horror movies are just that spooky), though there will sometimes be other genres of film included here too. I'm that giving, what can I say? Hell, maybe if you're all very good little boys and girls, I might even finish that Lovecraft book I've not yet gotten through the first story of and review that for your pleasure. The possibilities are endless, they are.


mle said...

Hallo Zach,

Very cool that you have a new bloggie! But you know what I'd like? Pictures... That sea of text just looks so darn scary w/o a photo to accompany it. Now it doesn't have to be a movie poster, it could be your dog eating your dvd or whatever.


Zach said...

Yeah, I'd throw in a picture or two if I could think of a way to do it inobtrusively. If you want to whip up, say, a picture of Freddy Kreuger and a zombie singing Christmas carols, I'll be more than happy to put it up there.